100% Johnson American Bulldog Breeder Ryders 100% Johnson American Bulldogs
Ryders American Bulldog Kennels is a small kennel located in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky breeding solely the 100% Johnson American Bulldog lines created by the breed founder John D. Johnson. We got a first AB a little over 10 yrs ago. My family and I quickly fell in love with the breed. We started breeding after a lot of research and study of the different lines about 5 yrs ago. We only have very few breedings a year so were definately not a puppy mill. Each breeding we will do is after much consideration and thought. We try to do all the necessary health tests and tempermant test to insure were breeding quality stock. We have decided to solely breed 100% Johnson American Bulldogs since they were the type that we felt had the look and history we wanted. John D. Johnson started this breed so we felt it only right if we were going to breed these dogs to promote and insure the lasting effects of what he has done with this line. Here we hope to do everything we can to breed capable dogs of the breed. Whether that be dogs for  working, pets, protection, or hunting.  We hope you like what you see on our website and would like to talk to us further. We are always ready to talk bulldogs at anytime so feel free to call or email us.